This page hosts things I have built in the past. Projects are ordered by starting date.





Active project / Started Mar 7, 2022 / Last updated Feb 19, 2024



Archived project / Started Aug 16, 2021 / Last updated Mar 28, 2022


NekoInk is an open-source, programmable, and versatile E-paper display platform. It offers connectivity options to various type of E-paper screens, and flexible programming environment choices.

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Finished project / Started Mar 24, 2021 / Last updated Mar 21, 2022


ANSI-compatible serial terminal built with Raspberry Pi Pico and EL640.480-AM/AG screen

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Active project / Started Mar 10, 2021 / Last updated Mar 27, 2022


Mod a ThinkPad X200T display into a pen tablet display, using single USB Type-C cable for power and data.

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Cancelled project / Started Feb 1, 2021 / Last updated Apr 15, 2021


eBook Reader based on RP2040 MCU and ZBD Bistable LCD. Project cancelled due to long screen update time, unsuitable for interactive UI. Might revisit in the future

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Cancelled project / Started Mar 9, 2020 / Last updated Jun 10, 2021


Digital Audio Player with 2.13" Eink screen and CS43131 DAC. This project was my course project for Penn State EE300 Lab. As I was allowed to do pretty much whatever I wanted to do as long as it's a hardware project... I decided to take a crack on building a DAP -- something that I have wished to do for many many years but never actually get to finish. This is probably the most polished DAP I have ever built hardware wise, but the software is still a mess. The project is no longer under active development, and hardware/ software have since been merged into the Fobu project.

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Finished project / Started Jul 10, 2019 / Last updated Nov 18, 2019


This project aims to port Linux OS to the HP Prime calculator. It is based on the Buildroot distribution. I have finished most of the reverse engineering work, and have a working Linux system running on the prime.

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Cancelled project / Started Jun 29, 2019 / Last updated Sep 1, 2019


Experimental Linux-based pocket audio player inside GameBoy case. Got Linux booting and audio codec working. Cancelled due to high power consumption.

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Stalled project / Started Sep 10, 2018 / Last updated Aug 9, 2021


This project aims to create a 386 SBC in Raspberry Pi formfactor with a real i386DX processor. An FPGA functions as a "bridge" or "chipset". The full system should be IBM-PC compatible, being able to run operating system and software written for IBM-PC. Supporting for other CPUs (like 386SX, 486) and other architecture (like PC-98) are planned, but not now. This project also includes a software x86 emulator for the simulation purpose.

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To be finalized.



Finished project / Started Aug 16, 2018 / Last updated Sep 9, 2018


CSTN was once popular among low-end laptops and cellphones, and its predecessor, STN was almost the only viable option for laptop before TFT LCD was invented. Thanks to the advance of technology, they are fully replaced with TFT LCD. But just for fun, how would software and games today look like on a 90s CSTN LCD? Basically, this project aims to build an LCD monitor based around a CSTN screen.

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Active project / Started Aug 16, 2021 / Last updated Mar 16, 2022


Fobu is a key fob sized open-source FPGA + ARM handheld device (formerly VerilogBoy Handheld). The intended usages are portable FPGA retro gaming system (FPGA-based implementation, ARM-based emulation, or both) and portable audio (both general format such as mp3, FLAC, etc. via ARM core and retro VGM such as FM, SSG, etc. via FPGA implementation) player. However, the architecture should allow other usages as well.

The photo shown was the r0.2 prototype. The current latest revision is r0.4. LCD and FPGA are working on r0.4.

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Finished project / Started Feb 7, 2018 / Last updated Jan 9, 2021


This project is an open source Game Boy compatible console Verilog RTL implementation.

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Active project / Started Aug 6, 2017 / Last updated May 4, 2024




Finished project / Started Mar 21, 2016 / Last updated Dec 18, 2018


A simple calendar using EPD as main display based on STM32 microcontroller.