Thanks for viewing my blog, nice to meet you!

I use this website/ blog mostly to track and document my projects.

I am a digital IC designer (at ZeroASIC) by day, and my hobby has been close to my occupation: playing around with electronics related stuff (MCUs, MPUs, DSPs, FPGAs, etc.). I am especially interested in various display technologies, so you could see I have a collection of many different display and related projects. Have been wanting to build my own homebrew computer, I am sure one day I will get there. I am also into vintage computing, anime, and a bit of gaming.

This site is generated with Lektor. The intention for this static site is to allow hosting the site on low-performance devices (such as 386DX PC, or FPGA soft-CPU platform). But this hasn't happned yet, it is currently hosted on my main homelab server (Pentium J3710).

I can be reached by DM through Twitter, or via email visible from my GitHub profile.